Sell Gift Cards or Gift Certificates through your WordPress site in minutes with my FREE plugin. Get additional functionality with the Pro version of my plugin.  Fully compatible with WooCommerce, Gift Cards for WooCommerce offers everyone the perfect gift.

Easily extensible with affordable add-ons and multiple-site licenses, Gift Cards for WooCommerce gives you another way to make sales, and your customers a way to purchase your products for others.  Check it out below.

Accept Gift Card payments through your preferred payment gateway as with any of your other products.


Create Gift Cards

Use my free gift card plugin to create gift card from the WordPress Admin.  Create them and have your site send them out.  With the pro extension you can have your customers create the gift card without you needing to do anything.

Manage Gift Cards

View all of your gift cards in one place and see what balances are available, make changes, resend the card, or generate a new new number for your customers.

Types of Gift Card

  • Single Product
    Just need one or two gift card values use single products to create those cards.
  • Variable Product
    Select a number of different price points on a single product to make it easier for your customers to find a value that they would like to purchase
  • Custom Price
    If you would like your customers to choose how much they want to put on the gift card, use the pro version to give your customers a place to enter a value. (You can choose a minimum and maximum value)

Send Gift Cards

The free version and pro version will send the gift cards directly from your website.  Currently the email will take on the same format as your receipts.  Want to have the gift card created automatically? You can use the Pro version to create and send when the order is placed (or completed).

Gift Card Number

All gift cards are setup with a 15 digit random number.  With the pro version you can also customize the length and what characters show before and after the number.

Enter Gift Card On Cart or Checkout

Let your customers enter their gift cards on your checkout or cart page.

Import Gift Cards

If you have a large number of gift cards you need to create or move from a different platform you can use this feature to quickly get your gift cards up an running.

This plugin extends the functionality of the WooCommerce Gift Cards and that plugin must be installed and active before activating the Pro version.

Dont need all these features

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