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Important: You must have the WooCommerce plugin and the Free Version of this plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site in order for this plugin to work.

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce.
  2. Install and activate WooCommerce – Gift Cards Free Version.
  3. You are now ready to install WooCommerce – Gift Cards Pro Version.

There are 2 options to install the plugin on your website:

  • Option 1: Unzip the files and upload via ftp to the wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Option 2: From the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and click “Upload Plugin.”Make sure you activate the plugin after installing.


    To activate your Pro license:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the “Gift Cards” tab. Click on the link “Premium Extensions” under the tab.
  2. Enter your license key and click “Activate.”

3. Click “Save Changes.”


Settings can be found at WooCommerce > Settings and under the “Gift Cards” tab. Under the tab, you will see links.

“Gift Card Options” is the first one. Options that can be edited here include:

  • Allow customers to apply their gift cards towards tax, shipping, and/or fees.
  • Customize “Add to Cart” button text.
  • Customize gift card form label text.
  • Display gift card form on cart page and/or checkout page.
  • Option to send physical cards instead of emailed codes.
    The other setting options are described below in their respective category.IMPORTANT: It is necessary for you to go through all Gift Card settings for the features you will be using and adjust to your preferred settings, as some defaults are set to 0 and may not function if you do not set to your desired values.



    Simple Product – Multiple Gift Card Products for Each Gift Card Amount

    Use this if you only have a handful set prices for gift cards you will be selling, as each one will require a new product (i.e., one product will need to be created for $25, another product will need to be created for $50, and so on).

1. Go to Products > Add Product.

  1. Fill out the usual product fields such as title, description, product image, etc.
  2. In the “Product Data” box, set it to “Simple Product” in the dropdown and checkmark “Gift Card.”
  3. Set the gift card amount and publish the product.

Variable Product – Single Gift Card Product With Gift Card Amount Dropdown

Instead of creating separate products for each gift card price, you can set up a single variable product with price options and number of customizable fields for each price set.

  1. Create a new product by going to Products > Add Product.
  2. Fill out all fields that you normally would use for a general product. For instance, do not title it “$25 GiftCard” since you will be setting a variety of prices. Instead, title it something general, such as “Gift Card.”
  3. In the “Product Data” box, select “Variable” from the dropdown and check mark “Gift Card.”
  4. On the left hand side of the Product Data box, select “Attributes” and click the “Add” button for “CustomProduct Attributes.”
  5. Name your attribute something like “Price” or “Gift Card Amount” and set the value for each price rangein Values box separated by a | . Make sure the “Used for Variations” is check marked.
  1. Select “Save Attributes” and click on “Variations.”
  2. Select “Create variations from all attributes” and click “Go.”
  3. You will now see all of the attributes you set up. Click to the right of one of the attributes you set.
  4. From here, you can set the prices for each attribute, a different image for each one, and a custom description for each one.
  5. Click“SaveChanges”andpublishyourproduct.Now, your customers can select the amount they want for the gift card!

Custom Price Product – Customer Can Enter Their Own Amount for the Gift Card

Instead of setting your own pre-set amounts for the gift cards, you can allow the customer to choose and enter their own gift card amount.

Setting minimum and maximum amounts gift cards can be purchased for:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the “Gift Cards” tab. Under the tab, click on the “Gift Card Custom Price” link.
  2. Enter the minimum and maximum amounts of your choosing.

Creating the Custom Price Product:

3. Click “Save Changes.”

  1. Go to Products > Add Product.
  2. Fill out the usual product fields such as title, description, product image, etc.
  3. In the “Product Data” box, set it to “Simple Product” in the dropdown and checkmark “Gift Card” and “Custom Price.”
  4. In the “Regular Price” field, enter any value. It doesn’t matter what you enter, it will not affect the price and the customer will not see it. It is only required for the custom price field to show.
  5. Publish your product and you can see the Custom Price field has been added.


With the Pro Version, gift cards are automatically created and emailed to the recipient after being purchased. To adjust settings:

  1. WooCommerce > Settings and click on the “Gift Cards” tab. Under the tab, click on the “Gift Cards Auto Send Link.”
  2. Set the “Time to Expire,” which is the number of days you want the purchased gift cards to be valid for.
  3. Set if you want the gift card emailed out on “Order Placement” or “Order Completion.” Order placement will send the gift card out right away, while Order Completion will wait for the order to be processed and completed.
  4. Click “Save Changes.”

1. When a person orders the gift card, the recipient will get an email similar to this (look depends on your default email settings for your website under WooCommerce > Settings > Email):


Setting Gift Cards and Sending Emails

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Gift Cards and select “Add New.”
  2. Take the information from the completed order (Found under WooCommerce > Orders) and fill out the fields available. Set an expiration date for the gift card, if you wish.
  3. On the right hand side under “Publish,” check mark “Send Gift Card Email.”

Once a gift card is set up, you can view the order info, the remaining balance the customer has left, and you can also adjust the value of the card by going to WooCommerce > Gift Cards.


To customize your gift card numbers:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the “Gift Cards” tab. Under the tab, click on the “Gift Card Customize Number” link.
  2. Enter any value you wish for before and after. This is not limited to just numbers.
  3. Enter the “Number of Random Digits” you want in between the before and after values you set. This number will be in addition to the before and after characters/numbers.
  4. Click “Save Changes.”


To import a CSV file of gift cards:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the “Gift Cards” tab. Under the tab, click on the “Gift Card Importer” link.
  2. You will see a button to “Download Sample CSV.” Download this file so you have the right format for importing.
  3. Format your gift card file so it matches this format exactly (including header text) and save as a CSV.
  4. Click on “Browse,” select your CSV file, and click on the import button.

You can now view all the gift cards you imported by going to WooCommerce > Gift Cards.


Now that the process is complete, your customer can apply the discount to their order during checkout. A link will appear at the top of the checkout that says “Have a giftcard? Click here to enter your giftcard.”

Note: The code should be entered for gift cards, NOT coupons.

All your customer needs to do is click on it, enter their gift card code and select “Apply.” They will get a notification saying “Gift card applied successfully” and the amount of the gift card will be removed from the total.