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Looking for the best invoicing software? Trying to find the right invoicing software for a small business can be a boring and difficult task. You have to research to make sure it offers all the capabilities that are needed to keep your invoices and payments timely, organized, and tracked — and try to stay awake from the pure boredom!

What is Invoicing Software?

Yup, we’re starting right at the basics! Invoicing software (also referred to as billing software) offers small businesses the ability to create invoices and record customer payments on their computer. The amount and types of features offered in different invoicing software differs. For example, some billing software offers the capability to set up recurring payments, while others do not. Pricing for invoicing software is also different. As a small business on a budget, that will probably be your primary driving force behind which software you choose.

How to Choose the Best Invoicing Software

You aren’t going to get repeat customers, great feedback, or referrals if you constantly lose track of your customers’ invoices and payments. It’s also harder to get paid if the payment process you provide is confusing or requires too many steps. That’s right — not having the right invoicing software can actually LOSE you money (boo)!

It’s important to find these features in any small business invoicing software you are thinking of using:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to create invoices
  • Allow your customers to pay with ease
  • Store client information
  • Track invoices
  • Record payments
  • Ability to brand your invoices and quotes
  • Auto-billing

If your small business website is, or will be, in WordPress, we have great news for you (yay)!

InvoicedWP: Invoicing Plugin for WordPress

With our WordPress Invoicing Plugin, your small business can create, manage, and track all of your invoices and payments right within your WordPress website. Imagine all of the time you will save when you set up recurring invoices just ONCE! Imagine how your customers will cheer when they get timely invoices and can pay with ease…OK, maybe they won’t cheer when they get an invoice and make a payment, but you will!
What your small business can do with InvoicedWP:

  • Create invoices (I know, we already mentioned that, but it IS the most important feature.)
  • Create recurring invoices to be sent out automatically (more free time for you!)
  • Create quotes for customer approval that is automatically generated into an invoice (even more free time for you!)
  • Generate emails that automatically goes out upon customer payment
  • Brand your templates by adding your business logo and contact info
  • Add and store all of your clients’ information
  • Choose your currency from an extensive list of every single currency in the world
  • Add line items and taxes
  • Create multiple invoice templates
  • Take online payments or mailed-in payments (our WP invoice plugin works with ALL payment methods)
  • Automate, automate, automate

Now, the only question is — what are you going to do with all the money and free time you gain?


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