Long story short:
I have changed my name.  It is no longer wp-ronin.  As of today I am re-branding my work to OutlawWP.  You will see this change happen gradually on my plugins and the website will get some updates as well in the coming weeks.

What does this mean to you?
Really nothing is going to change except for my support.  I am working on getting a support page put together that will help with questions so that I can focus on issues you might be experiencing on your website.  You can find the new support page here.  Currently we only have a few documents but plan to have the grow in the upcoming months. If you cant find an answer to a question please let me know and I will be happy to help out.  For my current customers this does not change anything.  Your licenses are still good, you will just access your account from a new location.

So why did I change the name?
I choose WP-Ronin when I was first creating this plugin and really liked the idea of Ronin.  The term is Japanese and it meant they were a samurai without a master.  I felt it was fitting for what I was doing since I didn’t have a company that I was working for.  Some people thought it was my name and others didn’t understand it so I just wanted to create something new.

If you have any questions please let me know and keep an eye out for new features at the beginning of the year.  I plan to make some updates to the plugins over the next month to make sure that all the existing features in all the plugins work correctly so that you don’t experience any issues during the busiest part of the year.

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